Write/Read Automation

You can automation enable tracks and MixConsole channels by activating their automation write W and read R buttons.

  • If you activate W for a channel, virtually all MixConsole parameters that you adjust during playback for that specific channel are recorded as automation events.

  • If R is activated for a channel, all your recorded MixConsole actions for that channel are performed during playback.

The R and W buttons for a track in the track list are the same as the R and W buttons in the MixConsole.


R is automatically enabled when you enable W. This allows Cubase to read existing automation data at any time. You can separately deactivate W if you only want to read existing data.

There are also global read and write indicator buttons Activate/Deactivate Read/Write for All Tracks on the MixConsole toolbar and at the top of the track list. These buttons light up as soon as there is an enabled R or W button on any channel/track within your project. Furthermore, they can be clicked to activate or deactivate R/W of all tracks simultaneously.


R/W are also available on the Automation Panel (Cubase Pro only).