Setting Up the Independent Track Loop

The independent track loop is a sort of mini-cycle, affecting only the edited part. When the loop is activated, the events in the parts that are within the loop will be repeated continuously and completely independent – other events (on other tracks) are played back as usual. The only interaction between the loop and the regular playback is that the loop starts every time the cycle starts over again.


  1. Activate Independent Track Loop on the toolbar.

    If you activate Independent Track Loop, the Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors function is automatically deactivated in the lower zone editor.

    If it is not visible, right-click the toolbar and add the Independent Track Loop Settings section.

  2. Ctrl/Cmd-click in the ruler to set the start and Alt-click to set the end of the loop.

    You can also edit the loop start and end positions numerically in the fields next to the Loop button.


The loop is indicated in blue in the ruler.


The events are looped as long as the Loop button is activated and the Audio Part Editor is open.