Instrument Track Controls

The Track List for instrument tracks contains controls and parameters that allow you to edit your instrument track.


Mutes the track.


Solos the track.

Track name

Double-click to rename the track.

Record enable

Activates the track for recording.


Allows you to route incoming MIDI signals to the selected MIDI output. For this to work, activate MIDI Thru Active in the Preferences dialog (MIDI page).


Opens the Channel Settings window for the track.

Edit Instrument

Allows you to open the instrument panel.

Read Automation

Allows you to read track automation.

Write Automation

Allows you to write track automation.

Show Lanes

Divides the tracks in lanes.

ASIO Latency Compensation

Moves all recorded events on the track by the current latency.


Allows you to select a program.

Bypass Inserts

Bypasses the inserts for the track.

Bypass EQs

Bypasses the equalizers for the track.

Bypass Sends

Bypasses the sends for the track.


Allows you to select an instrument.


The listen indicator is lit if the track is in listen mode.

Edit In-Place

Allows you to edit MIDI events and parts on the track in the Project window.


Disables all editing of all events on the track.

Channel Configuration

Shows the channel configuration of the track.

Drum Map

Allows you to select a drum map for the track.

Toggle Time Base

Switches between musical (tempo related) and linear (time related) time base for the track.

Freeze Channel

Opens the Freeze Channel Options dialog that allows you to set the Tail Size time in seconds.

Load available update

This button lights up when other users have made changes to a track and committed them over the network to indicate that you can load the changes and update the project.