Setting Up Direct Routing

In the Direct Routing rack you can assign up to 8 routing destinations to each channel.


  1. On the MixConsole toolbar, click Racks and activate Direct Routing.

    The Direct Routing rack is shown above the fader section.

  2. Select all channels for which you want to set up the same destinations, press Shift-Alt and click in the first slot of the Direct Routing rack.
  3. In the routing selector, select the main output for the selected channels.

    We recommend that you choose the same set of destinations for all channels that belong together. The main output should also have the widest channel configuration, since it is used as a reference for all additional output destinations.


    The routing of the main output in the first Direct Routing slot defines the channel width. For several functions in Cubase, for example, Export Audio Mixdown or surround panning, to work as expected, the main output routing must be set correctly.

  4. Click in the next destination slot and select another output.
  5. Do this for as many destination slots as required (up to 8).

    After routing your audio tracks to groups, you can route the groups to output busses.

  6. For each channel, you can now activate the appropriate routing destination by clicking on the corresponding slot.

    The active routing destination lights up.