MixConsole Toolbar

The toolbar contains tools and shortcuts for settings and functions in the MixConsole.

The MixConsole toolbar contains a limited set of tools in the lower zone of the Project window. This includes: MixConsole History, Channel Filter Types, Search, Link Group, Zoom Palette, Mixer Functions Menu, and Window Zone Controls. You can show/hide the toolbar by clicking Show/Hide MixConsole Toolbar.

MixConsole History

These buttons allow you to undo/redo MixConsole parameter changes.

Left Divider

Allows you to use the left divider. Tools that are placed to the left of the divider are always shown.


Opens a selector that lists all tracks/channels.

Channel Filter Types

Opens the channel filter that allows you to show/hide all channels of a certain channel type.

Channel Visibility Configurations

Allows you to create configurations that are useful for switching quickly between different visibility setups.

Channel Visibility Agents

Allows you to select channels with specific properties.

Select Rack Types

Opens the rack selector that allows you to show/hide specific racks.

Rack Settings

Opens a pop-up menu with settings for the racks.

Go to Left/Right Locator Position

Allows you to go to the left/right locator positions.

Left/Right Locator Position

Shows the left/right locator positions.

Transport Buttons

Shows the transport controls.

Time Display

Shows the position of the project cursor in the selected time format.


Allows you to set and locate marker positions.

State Buttons

Allows you to set mute, solo, listen, and automation states. Here you can also bypass inserts, EQs, channel strips, and sends.

Link Group

Allows you to link channels.

Zoom Palette

Allows you to increase/reduce the channel width and the rack height. You can change the width for all channels from viewable (narrow) to editable (wide) by using the default key commands G and H.

System Performance Meter

Shows the meters for ASIO time usage and hard disk transfer load.

Right Divider

Allows you to use the right divider. Tools that are placed to the right of the divider are always shown.

Mixer Functions Menu

Opens the Functions Menu that allows you to make settings in the MixConsole.

Window Zone Controls

Allow you to show or hide the left zone, the upper zone, and the right zone (Cubase Pro only) of the MixConsole. The Setup Window Layout pop-up menu allows you to show or hide the status line, the info line, and the overview line.