MediaBay Window

To open the MediaBay in a separate window, do one of the following:

  • Select Media > MediaBay.

  • Press F5.

Figure: MediaBay

The MediaBay is divided into the following sections:

  1. File Browser

    Allows you to scan specific folders in your file system, and to add favorites.

  2. Favorites

    Allows you to switch between the previously defined favorite locations.

  3. Filters

    Allows you to filter the results list using a logical or an attribute filter.

  4. Results

    Displays all supported media files. You can filter the list and perform text searches.

  5. Previewer

    Allows you to preview the files shown in the results list.

  6. Attribute Inspector (Cubase Pro only)

    Allows you to view, edit, and add media file attributes or tags.