Managing Attribute Lists

In the Attribute Inspector, you can define which attributes are displayed in the Results list and in the Attribute Inspector itself. For different media types, you can configure individual attribute sets.


  1. In the Attribute Inspector, click Defined.
  2. Click Configure Defined Attributes to enter configuration mode.
  3. Open the Show pop-up menu, activate the media types that you want to display, and click anywhere in the MediaBay.

    The Attribute Inspector now shows a list of all attributes available for these media types.

    • If you have activated more than one media type, your settings affect all selected types. An orange checkmark indicates that the current display settings for an attribute differ for the selected media types.

    • The display settings made for the Mixed Media Types option are applied if you select files of different media types in the Results list or in the Attribute Inspector.

  4. Activate the attributes that you want to be displayed.

    You can edit several attributes simultaneously.

  5. Click Configure Defined Attributes again to exit the configuration mode.