Automation Merge Modes

This pop-up menu is only available for controllers that can be recorded both for a part and a track. The settings that you make for a controller are applied to all MIDI tracks that use this controller.

Use Global Settings

When this is selected, the automation track uses the global automation Merge Mode that is specified in the MIDI Controller Automation Setup dialog.

Replace 1 - Part Range

When this option is selected, the part data has playback priority over the automation track data. At the left and right part borders, for example, the automation mode switches abruptly from part to track automation, and vice versa.

Replace 2 - Last Value Continues

Similar to the above, but part automation only begins when the first controller event within the part is reached. At the end of the part, the last controller value is kept until an automation event is reached on the automation track.


When this option is selected, the average values between part and track automation is used.


In this mode, the automation track curve modulates the existing part automation, with higher curve points emphasizing the automation values and lower curve points reducing the automation values even further.