Spectrum Analyzer

The Spectrum Analyzer analyzes the selected audio, computes the average spectrum, and displays it in a two-dimensional graph, with frequency range on the x-axis and level distribution on the y-axis.

  • To open the Spectrum Analyzer, select Audio > Spectrum Analyzer.

Spectrum Analyzer Settings

The Spectrum Analyzer shows the following settings:

Size in Samples

Allows you to set a size for the analysis blocks of the audio. The higher this value, the higher the frequency resolution of the resulting spectrum.

Size of Overlap

Allows you to set the overlap between each analysis block.

Window Used

Allows you to select which window type is used for the fast Fourier transform, the mathematical method used for computing the spectrum.

Normalized Values

Activate this option to scale the resulting level values, so that the highest level is displayed as 1. This corresponds to 0 dB.

From Stereo

Allows you to specify which channel is analyzed.


Starts the analysis of the spectrum and opens the spectrum display.

Spectrum Display

The Spectrum Display shows the following settings:

Frequency Display

Allows you to compare the levels between frequencies. Move the pointer to one of the frequencies, right-click and move the pointer to the second frequency. The difference in level between the positions is displayed and labeled D in the upper right corner.


For stereo audio, the display in the upper right corner shows the values for the left channel. To show the right channel values, hold down Shift.


Activate this option to show dB values on the vertical axis. Deactivate this option to show values between 0 and 1.

Freq. Log

Activate this option to display the frequencies on the horizontal axis on a logarithmic scale. Deactivate this option to show a linear frequency axis.


Indicates the frequency resolution of the graph. This value is governed by the Size in Samples setting in the spectrum analyzer settings.

Frequency (Hz)/Note (C)

Allows you to select if frequencies are displayed in Hertz or with note names.


Allows you to set the lowest frequency shown in the graph.


Allows you to set the highest frequency shown in the graph.


Activate this option to open the next Spectrum Analysis dialog in the same window. Deactivate this option to show the next dialog in a separate window.