Assembling a Perfect Take

You can play back, cut, and activate takes to combine the best parts of your recording in a final take.


  1. Select the Lane Comping tool or the Object Selection tool.
  2. Bring a take to the front to select it for playback, and listen to it.
  3. Audition different takes to compare them in more detail.
  4. If necessary, cut your takes into smaller sections, create new ranges, and bring them to the front.
  5. Proceed until you are satisfied with the result.

After Completing This Task

After assembling your perfect take, you can improve your take.

  • To automatically resolve overlaps and remove empty lanes, right-click the track and select Clean Up Lanes.

For audio, proceed as follows:

  • Apply auto fades and crossfades to the comped takes.

  • To put all takes on a single lane, and remove all takes in the background, select all takes and select Audio > Advanced > Delete Overlaps.

  • To create a new and continuous event of all selected takes, select Audio > Bounce Selection.

For MIDI, proceed as follows:

  • Open your takes in a MIDI editor to perform fine adjustments like removing or editing notes.

  • To create a new and continuous part of all selected takes that is placed on a single lane, select all takes and select MIDI > Bounce MIDI.

  • To create a new part and place it on a new track, select MIDI > Merge MIDI in Loop.

Finally, clean up the lanes as follows:

  • Right-click a track and select Create Tracks from Lanes.

    The lane is converted into a new track.