Segmenting Monophonic Audio

To be able to edit the pitch and correct the timing of monophonic recordings, Cubase must analyze the audio and split it into segments.


  1. In the Project window, double-click the monophonic vocal recording to open the Sample Editor.
  2. In the Sample Editor Inspector, click VariAudio to open the VariAudio section.

    A waveform image of the audio is shown.

  3. Activate Edit VariAudio.


Cubase automatically analyzes the audio and splits it into segments that are shown in the waveform image. The segments allow you to associate the individual notes to their pitch that is displayed on the piano keyboard to the left, and their duration that is displayed on the timeline. If you move the mouse pointer over a segment, the pitch of that segment is shown on the segment.


The analysis of long audio files may take some time.