Channel Latency Overview

The Channel Latencies display the latencies caused by insert effects or channel strip modules for audio-related channels in the MixConsole.

  • To show the channel latency display in the fader section of the MixConsole, click Set up Window Layout on the toolbar and activate Channel Latencies.

  • To open an overview of the latencies for a specific channel, click Open Channel Latency Overview.

The Channel Latency Overview shows the following information:


The name of the effect that causes the latency.


Indicates if the latency is caused by an insert effect, a channel strip module or a panner.

Latency (ms)

Shows the latency in milliseconds.

Latency (Samples)

Shows the latency in samples.

Total Channel Latency

Shows the total latency for that channel in milliseconds and in samples.


If you want any plug-in delay to be compensated during playback, make sure that Constrain Delay Compensation is deactivated.