Handling Several MIDI Parts

  • To activate a part for editing, open the Currently Edited Part menu and select a part.

    When you select a part from the list, it is automatically active and centered in the note display.

  • To zoom in on an active part, select Edit > Zoom > Zoom to Event.

  • To display defined borders for the active part, activate Show Part Borders.

    If this option is activated, all parts, except the active part, are grayed out.

  • To restrict editing operations to the active part, activate Edit Active Part Only.

  • To change the size of the part, drag the part borders.

    The part borders display the name of the active part.


If the part that you open for editing is a shared copy, any editing that you perform affects all shared copies of this part. In the Project window, shared copies are indicated by an equal sign in the top right corner of the part.