Looping MIDI Parts

The Independent Track Loop function allows you to loop a MIDI part independent of the project playback.

About This Task

When you activate the loop, the MIDI events within the loop are repeated continuously while other events on other tracks are played back as usual. Every time the cycle restarts, the independent track loop also restarts.


  1. Activate Independent Track Loop on the toolbar.

    If you activate Independent Track Loop, the Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors function is automatically deactivated in the lower zone editor.

    If the button is not visible, right-click the toolbar and select Independent Track Loop from the menu.

    If you have set up a loop range in the Project window, it is hidden from the ruler in the MIDI editor.

  2. Ctrl/Cmd-click in the ruler to specify the start of the independent track loop.
  3. Alt-click in the ruler to specify the end of the independent track loop.


The independent loop range is indicated in a different color.

The start and end of the loop range are displayed on the status line.

After Completing This Task

To repeat the events of the loop range and fill up the active MIDI part, select MIDI > Repeat Loop.