Editing in the Controller Lane Editor

The controller lane editor allows you to perform additional scaling operations for selection ranges on controller curves.

  • To open the controller lane editor, use the Object Selection tool to create a selection rectangle on the controller lane, encompassing the controller events that you want to edit.

    For velocity lanes, press Alt to get the Object Selection tool.

    • The controller lane editor is not available for Articulation or Dynamics lanes.

    • For velocity lanes, the editor also opens if you select multiple MIDI notes in the note display.

  • To switch the controller lane editor to vertical scaling mode, press Shift and click on any of the smart controls.

  • To move the whole selection up/down or left/right, click on a controller event inside the editor and drag the curve.

  • To restrict the direction to horizontal or vertical movement, depending on the direction in which you start dragging, press Ctrl/Cmd when dragging.


    Snap is taken into account when moving controller curves horizontally.