Editing Dynamics (Cubase Pro only)

Provided that the dynamics mapping is set up and activated for the track, you can insert 12 dynamics symbols in the lower part of the Articulations/Dynamics lane.

  • To insert a dynamics symbol, click in the controller lane with the Draw tool.

    A mezzo forte symbol is inserted.

  • To select another dynamics symbol for an event, click on the triangle in the upper left corner of the event and select a symbol from the pop-up menu.

    If several events are selected, the same symbol is applied to all events.

  • To step through the available dynamics symbols, use the mouse wheel or the One down and One up key commands.

    If several events are selected, they all change in increments, that is, relative to the original values.

  • To modify the settings for the dynamics symbols, open the Controller Selection and Functions pop-up menu and select Dynamics Mapping Setup.

Moving and copying dynamics events is identical to working with other events on the controller lane.