Automation Settings

You can make general automation settings for your project.
  • To open the automation settings, select Project > Automation Panel, and open the Settings page.

Show Data on Tracks

Activate this to show audio waveforms or MIDI events on automation tracks.

The events are displayed only if Show Waveforms is enabled in the Preferences dialog (Event Display—Audio page), and if Part Data Mode is set to an option other than No Data, Event Display—MIDI page.

Use Virgin Territory

Activate this if you want to use virgin territories.

Continue Writing on Transport Jump

If you activate this option, the recording of automation is not blocked when locating to a new position. This can be used to perform multiple automation passes in cycle mode or if you are using the arranger functions.

If this option is deactivated and you write automation data and locate to another position in the project, writing is stopped until the mouse button is released or until a stop command is received.

Reveal Parameter on Write

If you activate this option, the corresponding automation track is revealed on writing automation parameters. This is useful if you want to have a visual control of all parameters changed on writing.

Return Time

This determines how fast the automated parameter returns to any previously automated value when you release the mouse button. Set this to a value higher than 0 to prevent sudden jumps in your parameter settings which may lead to crackles.

Reduction Level

Punching out removes all superfluous automation events. This results in an automation curve that contains only the events necessary to reproduce your actions. A reduction level value of 0 % removes repeated automation points only. A reduction level value between 1 to 100 % smoothens the automation curve. The default value of 50 % should reduce the automation data amount significantly without touching the sound result of the existing automation.

Spike Detection Range

Defines a period of time in which sudden changes in the automated parameter are considered to be unwanted spikes. You can set values from 0 to 200 ms.

Freeze Trim

In this pop-up menu, you can specify how to freeze your trim curve.

  • To freeze your trim curve manually, select Manually.

  • To perform a freeze whenever a write operation is finished, select On Pass End.

  • If you want the trim data to freeze automatically when the trim mode is switched off (globally or individually for a track), select On Leaving Trim Mode.