MIDI Remote Page

The MIDI Remote page in the Studio Setup dialog displays the connected MIDI controllers.

  • To open the MIDI Remote page, select Studio > Studio Setup and activate MIDI Remote in the Devices list.

The following columns are displayed:


Shows information about the vendor of the connected MIDI controller.


Shows the connected MIDI controller.

Created By

Shows information about the script creator for the connected MIDI controller.


Shows the input port of your MIDI controller.


Shows the output port of your MIDI controller.

Open MIDI Remote in Lower Zone

Opens the MIDI Remote tab in the lower zone of the Project window.

Open MIDI Remote Manager

Opens the MIDI Remote Manager that shows information about the connected MIDI controllers and the installed scripts.

At the bottom of the page, the following options are available:


Allows you to restore the default port names and to enable the visibility for all ports.


Applies your settings on this page.