Import Options

The Import Options for MIDI files allow you to specify what data to include in imported MIDI files.

Extract First Patch

Converts the first Program Change and Bank Select events for each track to Inspector settings for the track.

Extract First Volume/Pan

Converts the first MIDI Volume and Pan events for each track to Inspector settings for the track.

Import Controller as Automation Tracks

Converts MIDI Controller events in the MIDI file to automation data for the MIDI tracks.

Import to Left Locator

Aligns the imported MIDI file to the position of the left locator.

Import Markers

Imports Standard MIDI File Markers in the file and converts them to Cubase markers.

Import Dropped File as Single Part

Places the file on one track if you drag a MIDI file into the project.

Ignore Master Track Events on Merge

Ignores tempo track data if you import a MIDI file into the current project. The imported MIDI file adapts to the current tempo track in the project.

Auto Dissolve Format 0

Automatically dissolves imported MIDI files of type 0. Each embedded MIDI channel in the file is placed on a separate track in the Project window.


Allows you to specify what happens when you drag a MIDI file into the project.

  • MIDI Tracks creates MIDI tracks for the imported file.

  • Instrument Tracks creates instrument tracks for each MIDI channel in the MIDI file and causes the program to automatically load appropriate presets.

  • HALion Sonic multi-timbral creates several MIDI tracks, each routed to a separate instance of HALion Sonic in the VST Instruments window, and loads the appropriate presets.

Import Karaoke Lyrics as Text

Converts karaoke lyrics in the MIDI file to text that can be displayed in the Score Editor. If this option is deactivated, lyrics are only shown in the List Editor.