Setting up External Instruments

You must set up external instruments in Cubase before you can use them.


  1. In the Audio Connections window, click the External Instruments tab.
  2. Click Add External Instrument.
  3. In the Add External Instrument dialog, enter a name for the external instrument and specify the number of required mono and/or stereo returns.

    Depending on the type of instrument, a specific number of mono and/or stereo return channels is required.

  4. Click Associate MIDI Device and select a MIDI device.
  5. Click OK.

    This adds a new external instrument bus.

  6. Click in the Device Port column for the left and right ports of the return bus and select the inputs of your audio hardware to which you connected the external instrument.
  7. Make additional settings for the bus.

    You can also adjust the settings while using the external instrument. This allows you to hear the result.