Logical Editor Filter Settings

The Event Target Filters list allows you to set up the filters. You can add one or more filter lines to that list.

The following settings are available:

Left bracket

Together with the right bracket, this allows you to combine multiple filters, that is, multiple lines with the boolean operators And/Or.

Filter Target

Sets the property of the element. This setting affects the available options in the other columns.


Determines the comparison of the property in the Filter Target column to the values in the Parameter columns. The available options depend on the Filter Target setting.

Parameter 1

Sets which value the element properties are compared to. This depends on the Filter Target.

Parameter 2

Only available if one of the Range options is set in the Condition column. Allows you to find all elements with values inside or outside the range between Parameter 1 and Parameter 2.

Bar Range/Time Base

Only available if the Filter Target is set to Position. If one of the Bar Range options is selected in the Condition column, you use the Bar Range/Time Base column to specify zones within each bar. This allows you to find all elements on or around the first beat of every bar, for example. If any of the other Condition options is selected, you can use the Bar Range/Time Base column to specify a time base such as PPQ, seconds, etc.

Right bracket

Together with the left bracket, this allows you to combine several filters.


Allows you to insert the boolean operators And and Or when creating filters with multiple lines.


If you have already defined filters and/or applied a preset, but want to start again from scratch, you can initialize the settings by selecting the Init preset from the presets browser.


You can also set up filters by dragging MIDI events directly into the Event Target Filters list.

If the list contains no entries, a MIDI event dragged into this section will set filters including the state and type of the event. If it contains entries, the dragged event initializes the matching parameters. For example, if Length is used, the length is set according to the length of the event.