Plug-ins and Collections

The VST Plug-in Manager shows the VST effects and VST instruments that are installed on your computer.

In Cubase, plug-ins are arranged in collections. Only one collection can be active at a time. The plug-ins contained in the active collection are displayed in the selectors, in various locations of the program.

When you launch Cubase, all plug-ins that are found are automatically placed in the Default collection. This is the collection of plug-ins that is active by default.

The Default collection is created each time you start Cubase or initiate a rescan.

You can, however, add your own VST effect or VST instrument collections. This is useful if you only want to see specific plug-ins that are used in a specific project, for example. When you activate this collection, all VST effects and VST instruments of this collection are shown in the selectors for VST effects or VST instruments.


If an installed VST effect or a VST instrument cannot be loaded by Cubase, it is not shown on the VST Effects tab or the VST Instruments tab, and it is grayed out in any collection. In this case, verify that the plug-in is not copy-protected.