Creating Clip-Based Fades

You can create and edit clip-based fade ins and fade outs using Direct Offline Processing. These fades are applied to the audio clip. Events that refer to the same clip receive the same fades.


  1. In the Project window, select one or more audio events or a range for which you want to create a fade.

    The length of your selection determines the length of the fade area.

  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To create a fade in, select Audio > Processes > Fade In.

    • To create a fade out, select Audio > Processes > Fade Out.

  3. In the Direct Offline Processing window, click the Curve Type buttons to specify a fade curve, or click and drag with the mouse to draw in a curve in the curve display.
  4. Optional: Activate Audition to hear the effect of the specified fade on the selected audio event.


The fade is applied to the audio. You can remove or modify the fades at any time using the Direct Offline Processing window.