Effect Control Panel

The effect control panel allows you to set up the effect parameters. The contents, design, and layout of the control panel depend on the selected effect.

  • To open the control panel for a plug-in, click the effect slot.

The following controls are available for all effects:

  1. Activate Effect

    Activates/Deactivates the effect.

  2. Bypass Effect

    Allows you to bypass the effect.

  3. Read Automation/Write Automation

    Allows you to read/write automation for the effect parameter settings.

  4. Switch between A/B Settings

    Switches to setting B when setting A is active, and to setting A when setting B is active.

  5. Apply current settings to A and B

    Copies the effect parameters of effect setting A to effect setting B, and vice versa.

  6. Activate/Deactivate Side-Chaining

    Activates/Deactivates the side-chain functionality.

  7. Set up Side-Chain Routing

    Allows you to set up the side-chain routing for the selected plug-in.

  8. Preset browser

    Opens the preset browser, where you can select another preset.

  9. Load previous Program/Load next Program

    Loads the previous/next program in the preset browser.

  10. Preset Management

    Opens a pop-up menu that allows you to save or load a preset.

  11. Add VST Plug-in Picture to Media Rack

    Adds a picture of the VST plug-in to the Media rack. This is available for plug-ins of other vendors only.

  12. Functions menu

    Opens a pop-up menu with specific functions and settings.

  13. Show/Hide VST Quick Controls

    Shows/hides the quick controls.

  14. Focus Quick Controls Lock State: Locked/Unlocked

    Allows you to lock the focus of the quick control to the plug-in window.

  15. Focus Quick Controls Indicator

    If this indicator is lit, the plug-in window has the quick control focus.


For detailed information about the included effects and their parameters, see the separate document Plug-in Reference.