Assembling Operations

Unless otherwise stated, all operations can be performed in the Project window and in the Audio Part Editor. Snap is taken into account, and all operations can be undone.

To assemble a perfect take, you can use the Comp tool, the Object Selection tool, or the Range Selection tool.

  • The Comp tool modifies all takes on all lanes simultaneously.

    This is useful if the recorded takes have the same start and end positions.

  • The Object Selection tool and the Range Selection tool affect single takes on individual lanes.

    If this is not what you want, you can either perform your edits on the main track or use the Comp tool.


If you assemble stacked events on an audio track, deactivate Treat Muted Audio Events like Deleted in the Preferences dialog (Editing—Audio page).

You can perform the following operations:

Table 1. Assembling Operations


Comp tool

Object Selection/Range Selection tool


(Project window only)

Hold down Shift and click on a take.

Click on a take.

Bring to front

Click on a take. Click twice to toggle.

Position the mouse pointer over the middle of the lower border of a take until it changes to a Comp symbol, and click. Click twice to toggle.

For MIDI this mutes/unmutes a take.


(create a new range and bring it to front, Project window only)

Click and drag on a lane. All takes are split at the range start and end.

If the audio takes are adjacent without gaps or fades and the material itself matches, the takes are merged within the range.



Press Ctrl/Cmd to activate the Speaker tool and click at the position where you want playback to start.

See left.


Click and drag on the main track.

Click and drag on any lane.


Drag the resize handles. All takes with the same start and end positions are affected. Resizing is constrained to the end or start of the adjacent takes. This ensures that you do not create overlaps accidentally.

Drag the resize handles.

Correct timing

(Slip Event)

Select a take, hold down Alt/Opt-Shift (the tool modifier for Slip Event) and drag with the mouse.

See left.


Alt/Opt-click on a take. If you split a MIDI part and the split position intersects one or several MIDI notes, the result depends on the Split MIDI Events option in the Preferences dialog (Editing—MIDI page).

See left.

Adjust splits

Position the mouse pointer over a split and drag to the left or to the right.

See left.

Gluing splits

Bring a new range to front.

Select a range spanning all the splits that you want to glue, and double-click.