Head Tracking Window

In the Head Tracking window, you can set up Cubase for receiving positioning data from an external VR controller device. Alternatively, you can control the rotation angles manually.

  • To open the Head Tracking window, select Project > Head Tracking.


Sets the yaw rotation angle.


Sets the pitch rotation angle.


Sets the roll rotation angle.


Resets all rotation angles.

Tracking Source

Allows you to select a source for positioning data. Select Manual to control head tracking via the Yaw, Pitch, and Roll controls. Select VR Controller to receive data from an external VR device.

VR Controller Type

Allows you to select the type of the connected VR controller device.

VR controller device information

Moving the mouse pointer over this field provides information about the connected VR controller device.


Enables/Disables the transmission of head-tracking data to the VR player.

Calibrate Yaw

Defines the current yaw rotation angle as center.