Showing MIDI Reference Tracks

You can use a MIDI track as a reference for your pitch and timing corrections.


  • The audio file is segmented and the segments are correct. You have opened the audio in the Sample Editor and activated Edit VariAudio in the VariAudio section.

  • Your MIDI track contains a MIDI part with MIDI events that play a melody that you want to use as a reference for your audio.


  • In the VariAudio section of the Sample Editor Inspector, open the Select MIDI Reference Track pop-up menu and select the MIDI track that you want to use as a reference for your audio.


The events of the selected MIDI track are shown in the Sample Editor event display as lines. Their color adapts to the VariAudio Segment Colors setting. You can use the Pitch or the Chord Track option, for example, to associate the pitches of audio and MIDI.

The MIDI reference track selection applies to all Sample Editors in a project. It is saved with the project.

  • You cannot edit MIDI data that is shown from within the Sample Editor.

  • You cannot show MIDI reference tracks if you have opened the Sample Editor from the Pool.

After Completing This Task

To hide the MIDI reference track from the Sample Editor event display, deactivate Show MIDI Reference Track.