VariAudio Inspector Section

The VariAudio section allows you to edit individual notes of your audio file, change their pitch or timing, and to extract MIDI from your audio.

Bypass VariAudio Changes

Bypasses pitch, formant shift, and volume changes so that you can compare the changes to the original audio.

Edit VariAudio

Activates the audio analysis, splits the audio into segments that are shown in the waveform image, and enables VariAudio editing.

Smart Controls

Allows you to select how many smart controls are shown on the segments. Default shows the frequently used smart controls, while All shows all smart controls.

Pitch Snap Mode

Allows you to choose how a segment snaps to a specific pitch when you move it with the mouse or the Up Arrow/Down Arrow keys.

MIDI Input

Allows you to change the pitch of a segment via MIDI input.

Quantize Pitch

Allows you to quantize the pitch of a segment.

Straighten Curve

Allows you to straighten the pitch curve of a segment.

Shift Formant

Allows you to shift the formants of a segment without affecting the pitch or timing.


Allows you to edit the volume of a segment.

Show MIDI Reference Track

Allows you to show a MIDI reference track in the event display.


Opens a pop-up menu with other functions.