Correcting the Timing with the Free Warp Tool


  1. Double-click the audio clip or event in the Project window to open it in the Sample Editor.
  2. On the toolbar, activate Snap to Zero Crossing.

    If this button is activated, warp markers snap to zero crossings.

  3. Optional: If you want to correct the timing of individual positions in the audio, define the local definition with the Auto Adjust or the Manual Adjust function, and activate Musical Mode.
  4. On the Transport panel, activate Click, and play back the audio to determine positions where the beat is not on time with the click.
  5. In the AudioWarp section, activate Free Warp, place the mouse pointer at the position of the beat that you want to adjust, click, and hold.

    The mouse pointer changes to a clock with arrows, and a warp marker is inserted.

  6. Drag the warp marker to the new position, and release the mouse button.


The beat is now aligned with the corresponding position in the project.