Inserting a Retrospective Recording from All MIDI Inputs on the Selected Track

You can insert a retrospective recording, that is, MIDI data that was sent to All MIDI Inputs in Stop mode or during playback, on the selected track.


You have played some MIDI notes in Stop mode or during playback, and you want to recover them.


  1. Select the MIDI track on which you want to insert the captured MIDI data.
  2. Select Transport > MIDI Retrospective Recording > Insert from All MIDI Inputs.


The MIDI data that was captured at All MIDI Inputs is inserted on the selected track as one, linear MIDI part.


If you insert buffer data from multiple selected tracks, the timing offsets between the data played on the different tracks are retained.


If your MIDI track uses MIDI inserts, and Record Output to Track is enabled in the MIDI Inserts section, the buffer data includes the events that are created by the MIDI inserts.