Changing the Pool Record Folder

All audio clips that you record in the project are saved in the Pool Record folder. The Pool Record folder is indicated by the text Record in the Status column and by a dot on the folder itself.

By default, this is the main Audio folder. However, you can create a new Audio subfolder and designate this as your Pool Record folder.


The folders that you create in the Pool are only for organizing your files in the Pool. All files are recorded to the folder that you specified as the Pool Record folder.


  1. In the Pool, select the Audio folder or any audio clip.

    You cannot designate the Video folder or any of its subfolders as the Pool Record folder.

  2. Select Media > Create Folder.
  3. Rename the new folder.
  4. Select the new folder and select Media > Set Pool Record Folder, or click in the Status column of the new folder.


The new folder becomes the Pool Record folder. Any audio recorded in the project is saved in this folder.