Locating Missing Files


  1. Select Media > Find Missing Files.
  2. In the Resolve Missing Files dialog, decide if you want the program to find the file for you (Search), if you want to find it yourself (Locate), or if you want to specify in which directory the program searches for the file (Folder).
    • If you select Search, a dialog opens to let you specify which folder or disk the program scans. Click Search Folder, select a directory or a disk, and click Start. If found, select the file from the list and click Accept. Afterwards, Cubase tries to map all other missing files automatically.

    • If you select Locate, a file dialog opens, allowing you to locate the file manually. Select the file and click Open.

    • If you select Folder, a dialog opens to let you specify the directory in which the missing file can be found. This might be the preferred method if you have renamed or moved the folder containing the missing file, but the file still has the same name. Once you select the correct folder, the program finds the file and you can close the dialog.