Deleting Files from the Hard Disk

You can delete clips from the Pool by deleting the corresponding file from the hard disk. To delete a file permanently from the hard disk, you must first move the corresponding clips to the Trash folder in the Pool.


Make sure that the audio files that you want to delete are not used in other projects.


  1. In the Pool window, select the clips that you want to delete from the hard disk, and select Edit > Delete.

    You can also press Backspace or Delete, or drag the clips into the Trash folder.


    You can retrieve a clip or region from the Trash folder by dragging it back into an Audio or Video folder.

  2. Depending on whether the clips are used by an event, you have the following options:
    • If the clips are used by an event, click Remove and then click Trash.

    • If the clips are not used by an event, click Trash.

  3. Select Media > Empty Trash.
  4. Click Erase.


The files are deleted from the hard disk.