Transpose Setup Dialog

The Transpose Setup dialog contains settings for transposing the selected events.

  • To open the Transpose Setup dialog, select the MIDI notes that you want to transpose, and select MIDI > Transpose Setup.

The following settings are available:

Transpose in Semitones

Sets the amount of transposition.

Scale Correction

Transposes the selected notes to the closest note of a specific scale type. This allows you to change the key and the tonality.

  • Select a root note and a scale type for the current scale in the Current Scale pop-up menus.

  • Select a root note and a scale type for the new scale in the New Scale pop-up menus.


    If the new root note differs from the current root note, this leads to an entirely different key.

Keep Notes in Range

Limits the transposition of notes to the note values that you specify with the Highest Note and Lowest Note settings.


Notes that would be outside the range after transposition are shifted to another octave, keeping the correct transposed pitch if possible. If the range between the upper and lower limit is very narrow, the note is transposed as far as possible, that is, to notes specified with the Highest Note and Lowest Note values. If you set Highest Note and Lowest Note to the same value, all notes are transposed to this pitch.


You can also use the transpose track for transposing.