Extracting MIDI Automation

You can convert continuous controllers of your recorded MIDI parts into MIDI track automation data, so that you can edit them in the Project window.


  1. Select the MIDI part that contains the continuous controller data.
  2. Select MIDI > Functions > Extract MIDI Automation.
  3. Right-click the MIDI or instrument track in the Project window and select Show All Used Automation (Selected Tracks).

    This shows the MIDI controller data on the automation track.


In the Project window, an automation track is created for each of the continuous controllers in the MIDI part.

In the MIDI editors, the controller data is removed from the controller lane.


This only works for continuous controllers. Data such as aftertouch, pitchbend, or SysEx cannot be converted to MIDI track automation data.

MIDI controller automation is also affected by the Automation Merge Mode.