Using the Trim Tool

The Trim tool allows you to change the length of note events by cutting off the end or the beginning of notes. Using the Trim tool means moving the note-on or the note-off event for one or several notes to a position defined with the mouse.


  1. Select Trim on the toolbar.

    The mouse pointer changes to a knife symbol.

  2. To edit a single note, click it.

    The range between the mouse pointer and the end of the note is removed. Use the mouse note info on the status line to find the exact position for the trim operation.

  3. To edit several notes, click and drag with the mouse across the notes.

    By default, the Trim tool cuts off the end of notes. To trim the beginning of notes, press Alt while dragging. When dragged across several notes, a line is displayed. The notes are trimmed along this line. If you press Ctrl/Cmd while dragging, you get a vertical trim line, allowing you to set the same start or end time for all edited notes. You can change the Trim tool key commands in the Preferences dialog (Editing—Tool Modifiers page).