Controller Lane Setup Menu

The Controller Lane Setup pop-up menu allows you to add lanes and select which event type is displayed.

  • To open the Controller Lane Setup pop-up menu, click Controller Lane Setup at the bottom left of the controller display.

The following options are available:

Add Preset

Opens the Type in Preset Name dialog that allows you to save a preset and enter a name for it.

Organize Presets

Opens the Organize Presets dialog that allows you to rename and delete presets.

Show Velocity Lane Only

Resets the controller display to show only the velocity lane.

Type of New Controller Events

Allows you to specify whether new controller events should change gradually (Ramp) or instantly (Step) from the previous curve point to the new one.


This only affects new events that you create manually. Recorded MIDI CC events are always added as steps. This setting is saved with the program.

Set up Available Controllers

Opens the MIDI Controller Setup dialog that allows you to specify which MIDI controllers are visible/hidden in the pop-up menu.

Set up Dynamic Mapping

Opens the Dynamics Mapping Setup dialog that allows you to map dynamics symbols to MIDI controllers.

Show/Hide Controller Lanes

Shows/Hides the last displayed controller lanes.