MediaBay Toolbar

The toolbar contains tools and shortcuts for settings and functions in the MediaBay.



Navigates to the previously used folder.


Navigates to the most recent folder.


Navigates to the parent folder.


Add Favorite

Allows you to add the selected folder as a favorite folder.

Select Defined Favorite

Allows you to select a Favorite to quickly browse to the files you are looking for.

Include Folders and Subfolders

Activate this to show the content of folders and subfolders.

Left Divider

Left Divider

Tools that are placed to the left of the divider are always shown.

Text Search


Allows you to search media files by name or by attribute.

Media Types Filter

Select Media Types

Allows you to select the media types that are displayed on the Results page.

Rating Filter

Rating Filter

Filters files according to their rating.

Reset Result Filters

Reset Filters

Allows you to reset the filters.


Update Results

Updates the results.

Shuffle Results

Shuffles the Results page.

Attribute Counter

Attribute Counter

Shows the number of attributes that are being updated.

Right Divider

Right Divider

Tools that are placed to the right of the divider are always shown.

MediaBay Settings

MediaBay Settings

Opens the MediaBay settings.

Window Zone Controls

Show/Hide Left Zone

Shows/Hides the left zone of the window.

Show/Hide Lower Zone

Shows/Hides the lower zone of the window.

Show/Hide Right Zone

Shows/Hides the right zone of the window.

Set up Window Layout

Allows you to set up the window layout.

Set up Toolbar

Opens a pop-up menu where you can set up which toolbar elements are visible.