Audio Files Previewer

The Previewer for audio files allows you to listen to audio files before you use them in your project.

  1. Transport controls

    Start, stop, pause, and cycle the preview.

  2. Preview Level fader

    Specifies the preview level.

  3. Auto Play New Results Selection

    Automatically plays back the selected file.

  4. Align Beats to Project

    Plays back the selected file in sync with the project, starting at the project cursor position. Note that this can apply real-time time stretching to your audio file.


    If you import an audio file into your project for which Align Beats to Project is activated in the Previewer, Musical Mode is automatically activated for the corresponding event.

  5. Wait for Project Play

    Synchronizes the play and stop functions from the Transport panel with the play and stop buttons in the Previewer section.

    To use this option to its full extent, set the left locator at the beginning of a bar, then start playing back the project using the Transport panel. The loops that you now select in the Results list start together with the project in perfect sync.