Editing Attributes in the Attribute Inspector

In the Attribute Inspector, you can edit attribute values of the various media files. Attribute values can be chosen from pop-up lists, entered as text or numbers, or set to Yes or No.

  • Changing an attribute value in the Attribute Inspector permanently changes the corresponding file unless the file is write-protected or part of a VST Sound archive.

  • Some attributes cannot be edited. In this case, the file format does not permit changing this value, or changing a particular value makes no sense. For example, you cannot change the file size in the MediaBay.


  1. In the Results list, select the file for which you want to make settings.

    The corresponding attribute values are displayed in the Attribute Inspector.

    You can also select several files and make settings for them simultaneously. The only exception is the name attribute, which must be unique for every file.

  2. In the Attribute Inspector, click in the Value column for an attribute.

    Depending on the selected attribute, the following happens:

    • For most of the attributes, a pop-up menu opens from which you can choose a value. Some of the pop-up menus also have a more entry to open a window with more attribute values.

    • For the Rating attribute, you can click in the Value column and drag left or right to modify the setting.

    • For the Character attribute (Musical group), the Edit Character dialog opens. To define values, click a radio button on the left or the right side and then click OK.

  3. Set the attribute value.

    To remove the attribute value from the selected files, right-click in the corresponding Value column and select Remove Attribute from the context menu.