Adding Favorites

You can add favorite folders using the File Browser section.


  1. In the File Browser section, navigate to the folder that you want to add as a favorite, and select it.
  2. Right-click the folder or the volume, and from the context menu, select Add Favorite.
  3. In the Set Name dialog that opens, enter a name for the folder.
  4. Click OK.


  • In the File Browser section, a new folder with the specified name is added to the Favorites folder.

  • In the Favorites section, the added favorite is available in the Select Defined Favorite pop-up menu.

  • In the Media rack in the right zone of the Project window, a new tile with the specified name is added on the Favorites page.


Favorites in the MediaBay window are not automatically scanned.

After Completing This Task

To remove a Favorite, select it in the Favorites tree of the File Browser section, open the context menu and select Remove Favorite.