Importing Audio Files

You can import uncompressed audio and compressed audio in several formats.


  1. Select File > Import > Audio File.
  2. In the file dialog that opens, locate and select the audio file and click Open.
  3. Make your changes in the Import Options dialog.

    If Use Settings is activated in the Preferences dialog (Editing—Audio page), the corresponding import settings are used instead.


In the Project window, an event referencing the audio file is inserted on the selected track at the project cursor position. If no track was selected, a new track is created.

A new audio clip is created and added to the Pool.

If you chose a compressed audio file other than FLAC, Cubase copies the original compressed file and converts it to wave format (Windows) or AIFF format (macOS).


The resulting Wave/AIFF file is significantly larger than the original compressed file.

The imported file is placed in the Audio folder of the project.