Import From Audio CD Dialog

The Import from Audio CD dialog allows you to specify how the CD tracks are imported.

  • To open the Import from Audio CD dialog, select File > Import > Audio CD.


Opens a pop-up menu that allows you to select the correct CD drive.

Speed (Windows only)

Allows you to select the data transfer speed.


While you normally want to use the fastest possible speed, you may have to select a slower speed for flawless audio extraction.

Eject CD

Opens the CD drive.

Secure Mode (Windows only)

Activates error checking and correction when reading the CD.


The columns in the dialog have the following functions:


Activate this option for the tracks that you want to copy/import.


Shows the track number.

CD Track

The name of the CD track. On import, this is used as file name. It is provided automatically from CDDB, if available.

To rename a track, click the track name and enter a new name.


The length of the audio CD track in minutes and seconds.


The file size of the audio CD track in MB.

Copy Start

The start of the section that is imported. On the ruler, drag the Left Marker to the right to adjust this.

Copy End

The end of the section that is imported. On the ruler, drag the Right Marker to the left to adjust this.

The Ruler

The ruler has the following functions:

  1. Play Tracks

    Plays back the selected track from the start to the end or from the left marker to the right marker.

  2. Stop Playback

    Stops playback.

  3. Play from Left Marker

    Starts playback at the left marker.

  4. Play to Right Marker

    Starts playback some moments before the right marker and stops at the right marker.

  5. Left Marker

    Allows you to set the copy start manually.

  6. Right Marker

    Allows you to set the copy end manually.

Destination Folder

Allows you to select a folder for the imported files.


Copies the files.

Copied Files

Lists the files that you copied for import.