Workspaces in Cubase allow you to organize windows and specific dialogs for your common work routines.

A workspace saves the size, position, and layout or setting of important windows and dialogs, such as the Project window, MixConsole, or Transport panel. You can define several workspaces. This allows you to quickly switch between different working modes, either through the Workspaces menu or by using key commands.

You can define different workspace types that are either available for all projects on your computer or specific for one project. However, when you open a project, its last saved view is opened by default. A view is the window layout and setting that you defined for your project. The last saved view can either be a workspace view or a view that you saved without having any workspace selected. When you open an external project, the last used view on your computer is used by default.

The Workspaces Organizer and the Workspaces menu allow you to create and modify workspaces.

  • You can also work without workspaces. In this case, the last used view of the former project will be used when you create a new project.

  • In the Preferences dialog (General page), you can select which view is used when you open a project.