Insert Effects

Insert effects can be inserted in the signal chain of an audio channel. This way, the whole channel signal passes through the effect.

You can add up to 16 different insert effects independently for each audio-related channel (audio track, group channel track, FX channel track, instrument channel, or ReWire channel) or output bus.

The signal passes through the insert effects corresponding to their slot position from top to bottom.

You can define post-fader insert slots for any channel. Post-fader insert slots are always post-EQ and post-fader.


To show all post-fader slots in the MixConsole, open the Rack Settings and activate Fixed Number of Slots.

Use post-fader slots for insert effects where you want the level to remain unchanged after the effect. Dithering and maximizers are typically used as post-fader insert effects for output busses, for example.


If you want to use an effect with identical settings on several channels, set up a group channel and apply your effect as a single insert for this group.