Connecting Track Quick Controls with Remote Controllers

Track Quick Controls become powerful if you use them together with a remote controller.


The MIDI output on your remote unit is connected to a MIDI input on your MIDI interface.


  1. Select Studio > Studio Setup.
  2. In the Devices list, select Track Quick Controls.
  3. Open the MIDI Input pop-up menu, and select a MIDI input.
  4. Optional: Open the MIDI Output pop-up menu, and select a MIDI output.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Activate Learn.
  7. In the Control Name column, select QuickControl 1.
  8. On your MIDI device, move the control that you want to connect with the first quick control.
  9. Select the next slot in the Control Name column and repeat the previous steps.
  10. Click OK.


The Track Quick Controls are now connected with control elements on your MIDI device. If you move a control element, the value of the parameter that is assigned to the corresponding Track Quick Controls changes accordingly.


The remote controller setup for Track Quick Controls is saved globally, that is, it is independent of any projects.