MIDI Device Manager

The MIDI Device Manager allows you to install preset MIDI devices or define new ones.

  • To open the MIDI Device Manager, select Studio > More Options > MIDI Device Manager.

Figure: MIDI Device Manager in Cubase Pro.

Figure: MIDI Device Manager in Cubase Artist.

Installed Devices list

Lists the connected MIDI devices and the imported device setups.

Install Device

Allows you to install a preset device. These presets are simple patch name scripts that do not include any device mapping of parameters and controls and no graphic panels.

For more information about patch name scripts, see the separate document “MIDI Devices”.

Remove Device

Removes the selected device.

Export Setup

Exports the MIDI device setup as XML file.

Import Setup

Allows you to import an XML file of a MIDI device setup. Device setups can include device mapping, panels  (Cubase Pro only) and/or patch information.

Open Device (Cubase Pro only)

Opens the selected device.


Allows you to select a MIDI output for the selected device.

Enable Edit (Cubase Artist only)

Activate this to enable the editing of the selected device.

Commands (Cubase Artist only)

Allows you to edit the selected device. The patch structure for the selected device is shown to the left.

MIDI Messages (Cubase Artist only)

Shows which MIDI messages are sent out to select the patch that is highlighted in the list to the left.