MIDI Remote Control Configuration Section

The MIDI remote-control configuration section is shown in the upper table of the Generic Remote setup page.

  • To open the Generic Remote settings, select Studio > Studio Setup, and from the Devices list, select Generic Remote.

The following options are available in the upper table:

Control Name

Double-click this field to change the name for the control, and enter the one written on the console, for example. This name is automatically reflected in the lower table.

MIDI Status

Allows you to specify the type of MIDI message sent by the control.

MIDI Channel

Allows you to select the MIDI channel on which the controller is transmitted.


Allows you to specify the continuous controller number, the pitch of a note, or the address of an NRPN/RPN continuous controller.

Max. Value

Allows you to specify the maximum value that the control transmits. This value is used by the program to scale the value range of the MIDI controller to the value range of the program parameter.


Allows you to select one of the following flags:

  • Receive

    Activate this if the MIDI message should be processed on reception.

  • Transmit

    Activate this if a MIDI message should be transmitted when the corresponding value in the program changes.

  • Relative

    Activate this if the control is an endless rotary encoder, which reports the number of turns instead of an absolute value.

  • Pick-up

    Activate this if you want the control to pick up the parameter at the value to which it was last set.

The buttons and options to the right of the table have the following function:


Allows you to import saved remote setup files.


Allows you to export the current setup with the file extension .xml.


Adds controls to the bottom of the table.


Deletes the selected control from the table.


Allows you to assign MIDI messages by learning.