Record - MIDI

Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru

Prevents record-enabled MIDI or instrument tracks from echoing incoming MIDI data. This way record-enabled tracks to which a VST instrument is assigned do not play doubled notes.

Snap MIDI Parts to Bars

Lengthens recorded MIDI parts so that they start and end at whole bar positions. If you are working in a context that is based on bars and beats, this can make editing, such as moving, duplicating, and repeating, easier.

MIDI Record Catch Range in ms

Ensures that the very start of a recording that starts at the left locator is included.

Retrospective Record

Captures MIDI input in buffer memory, even when not recording. The contents of the buffer memory can then be retrieved and turned into a MIDI part on a record-enabled MIDI track. This allows you to capture any MIDI notes you play in stop mode or during playback and later turn them into a recorded MIDI part.

The Retrospective Record Buffer Size setting determines how much MIDI data can be captured in the buffer.

ASIO Latency Compensation Active by Default

Determines the initial state of the ASIO Latency Compensation button in the track list for MIDI or instrument tracks.

If you record live on a VST instrument, you usually compensate the latency of your audio card by playing too early. In consequence, the timestamps are recorded too early. By activating this option, all recorded events are moved by the current latency, and playback sounds like during the recording situation.

Add Latency to MIDI-Thru Processing

If you set the audio buffer size to a high value, and you play an arpeggiator in real time, for example, the MIDI notes are output with an increased latency.

If you consequently adapt your playing to the output latency, the notes are recorded even later. To minimize this effect, you can activate Add Latency to MIDI-Thru Processing. This adds a regular latency to each note that is played in real time.

Replace Recording in Editors

Affects the result of recording in a MIDI editor when Replace mode is selected as a record mode:

  • None

    Nothing is replaced.

  • Controller

    Only controller data is replaced, not notes.

  • All

    Replace mode works as usual. Notes and controllers are replaced when recording.