Audio Alignment

The Audio Alignment tool allows you to automatically match the timing of similar audio events or selection ranges that you want to play back simultaneously.

Audio Alignment allows you to match the timing of different instrument or vocal tracks. You can also solve phasing problems that occur when using different microphones on the same take. In postproduction contexts, you can match the timing of a voice recording take or an alternative take to the production sound, for example.

The tool analyzes the audio of overlapping events that you have selected for aligning and either uses the warping function of the Sample Editor for time stretching or shifts the audio.

The Audio Alignment Panel provides a Match Words option for aligning audio that contains identical wording. Its algorithm detects phonemes and syllables and allows for an exact word-to-word synchronization.

The Prefer Time Shifting option is especially suited for audio that results from the same recording, for example, in case of a multiple microphone recording. It avoids time stretching if possible. However, if necessary, time stretching is still used.

  • If time stretching is necessary, Audio Alignment uses the warping algorithm that is selected in the Sample Editor.

  • If the audio already contains real-time effects, Audio Alignment allows you to bounce it first, keeping the existing effects, or to overwrite the existing processing.

  • If the audio is in Musical Mode, you must bounce it first.

  • Audio Alignment only works as intended if the audio to be aligned and the project have the same sample rate.